Wallingford House party

The Wallingford House party was a group of senior officers (Grandees) of the New Model Army who met at Wallingford House, the London home of Charles Fleetwood.[a] Their intention was to overthrow the Protectorate of the Lord Protector, Richard Cromwell.[2]

On 23 April 1659 the party ended the Third Protectorate Parliament by locking the doors of the assembly rooms. On 6 May the Council of Officers meeting in Wallingford House, invited the Rump Parliament to reassemble, which it did the following day, appointing a Committee of Safety to form the executive until a new Council of State was appointed on 19 May.[2]



  1. ^ Cokayne notes that Wallingford House stood at the end of the tilt-yard in Whitehall, on the site of the present Admiralty. It was so called after Sir William Knollys, Treasurer of the Household, who was created Viscount Wallingford in 1616.[1]


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