Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Canada

Sovereign Grace Fellowship of Canada (SGF) is a fellowship for Reformed Baptist churches in Canada[1] holding to either the Baptist Confession of 1644 or 1689.[2]

SGF claims to be baptistic, evangelistic, and holding to the doctrine of sovereign grace.[3] The purpose of the SGF is to promote cooperation between member churches, especially in the areas of world missions, church planting, evangelization, & education, and to assist churches in maintaining "sound doctrine."[2] At the time of its founding in 2001, the Sovereign Grace Fellowship had 10 member churches, located in New Brunswick and Ontario.[4] As of 2012, there were 14 churches, including the Jarvis Street Baptist Church in Toronto.[5]

SGF publishes a magazine called Barnabas.[6] It is one of the Baptist groups associated with the Toronto Baptist Seminary and Bible College.[7]

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