Port de la Lune

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Originally Port de la Lune (Port of the Moon) is the name given to the harbour of Bordeaux since the Middle Ages, because of the shape of the river crossing the city[1]. On the blazon of Bordeaux, a crescent represents it. So does the current logotype of the municipality, that comes from the Small Coat of Arms with three interlaced crescents.

Bordeaux, Port de la lune
UNESCO World Heritage Site
Périmètre Unesco Bordeaux Port de la Lune.gif
The UNESCO area
CriteriaCultural: ii, iv
Inscription2007 (31st session)
Area1,731 ha
Buffer zone3,725 ha

The appellation "Bordeaux, Port de la Lune" also designates, since 2007, the 1,800 ha of the city of Bordeaux listed as UNESCO World Heritage[2], due to the "exceptional urban and architectural unity and coherence". This "outstanding example of innovative classical and neoclassical trends" is the world-largest urban area inscribed at UNESCO (40% of the city surface).

The UNESCO also rewards the municipality for its efforts to restore and embellish quays and facades of the city center (Place de la Bourse, Miroir d'eau, Grand-Théâtre...).



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Coordinates: 44°50′50″N 0°35′00″W / 44.84722°N 0.58333°W / 44.84722; -0.58333