Per Aage Brandt

Per Aage Brandt (born 26 April 1944 in Buenos Aires) is a Danish writer, poet, linguist and musician. He is Master of Arts in Romance Philology from the University of Copenhagen (1971) & holds a Doctorate of Semiotics from the Sorbonne University (1987).

Per Aage Brandt has published a large number of books on the subjects of semiotics, linguistics, culture, and music as well as poetry.[1]

He had his debut as a poet in 1969 with the poetry collection Poesi and has since then written several poetry collections and essays. He has translated Molière and Marquis de Sade, amongst others, and in 2000 he translated (or "re-wrote" in Danish) the poetry collection Cantabile by Henrik, the prince consort of Denmark. Some of his translations were subsequently set to music in Frederik Magle's symphonic suite Cantabile.


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