Marguerite Aucouturier

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Marguerite Derrida (née Aucouturier, 7 July 1932 – 21 March 2020) was a Czech-born French psychoanalyst.[1] She translated many psychoanalytic works into French.

Marguerite Derrida
Marguerite Aucouturier

7 July 1932
Died21 March 2020(2020-03-21) (aged 87)
Paris, France


Aucouturier trained as a psychologist at the Paris Psychoanalytic Society,[2] and translated many works by Melanie Klein. She trained in anthropology with André Leroi-Gourhan in the 1960s.[3]

Personal lifeEdit

Aucutourier was born in Prague on July 7, 1932 to Gustave Aucouturier, a French journalist, and Marie Alferi, a Czech.[4] She married Jacques Derrida on 9 June 1957 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.[5] One of their sons is writer Pierre Alféri.[6] She appeared in two documentary films where she talks about life with her husband in Ris-Orangis.[7][8][9][10]

Marguerite Derrida died in Paris on Saturday, March 21, 2020, from a COVID-19 infection.[11][12]

Translations into French by Marguerite AucouturierEdit

  • Melanie Klein :
    • Essais de psychanalyse. 1921–1945, Payot, 1984.
    • Deuil et dépression, Payot et Rivages, 2004
    • Psychanalyse d'enfants, Payot et Rivages, 2005
    • Le complexe d'Œdipe, Payot et Rivages, 2006
    • Sur l'enfant, Payot et Rivages, 2012
  • Iouri Ianovski, Les Cavaliers, Paris, Éditions Gallimard, trans. in collaboration with P. Zankiévitch and Elyane Jacquet, reviewed and presented by Louis Aragon, 1957
  • Roman Jakobson, La génération qui a gaspillé ses poètes, Paris, Allia, 2001.
  • Maxim Gorki, Vie de Klim Samguine, 1961
  • Vladimir Propp, Morphologie du conte


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