Inhul (Ukrainian: Інгул) is a left tributary of the Southern Bug (Boh)[2][3] and is the 14th longest river of Ukraine. It flows through Kirovohrad and Mykolaiv regions.[3]

Inhul, Інгул
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Physical characteristics
 • locationKirovohrad Oblast
 • elevation170 m
MouthSouthern Bug
 • coordinates
46°59′12″N 31°59′08″E / 46.9866°N 31.9855°E / 46.9866; 31.9855Coordinates: 46°59′12″N 31°59′08″E / 46.9866°N 31.9855°E / 46.9866; 31.9855
Length354 km (220 mi)[1][2][3]
Basin size9,890 km2 (3,820 sq mi)[1][2][3]
 • locationNovohorozhene, Bashtanka Raion[1]
 • average8.84 m3/s (312 cu ft/s)[1]
Basin features
ProgressionSouthern BugDnieper–Bug estuaryBlack Sea
Aerial view of confluence of Boh and Inhul at Mykolaiv (main course is Boh, Inhul is at top and upper right corner of the picture)

It starts near village Rodnykivka, Oleksandriia Raion in Kirovohrad Oblast (Central Ukraine), flowing south towards the Southern Bug at Mykolayiv, which is 65 km (40 mi) north (up river) from where the Southern Bug River empties into the Black Sea. The Inhul River is 354 km (220 mi) long.[2][4][1][5]

The river valley is mostly trapezium-like with the width up to 4 km and the depth up to 60 meters.[3] At the upper stream it has a narrow winding channel that cuts through the Dnieper Upland[5] and its rocky banks show granite and gneiss; at the middle and lower stream after entering the Black Sea Lowland,[5] it widens up to 30 meters and over.[3] The river freezes over in December and thaws sometime in March.[5]

Among major cities on the river there are Kropyvnytskyi[5] and Mykolaiv.

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