Gottfried Bermann

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Gottfried Bermann, later Gottfried Bermann Fischer (31 July 1897, Gleiwitz, Silesia – 17 September 1995, Camaiore), was a German publisher. He owned the S. Fischer Verlag.

After serving as an officer in World War I, Bermann Fischer studied medicine at the universities of Breslau, Freiburg and Munich. In 1924 he met the daughter of the publisher Samuel Fischer, Brigitte, and married her in February 1926.

In 1936 Fischer moved from Berlin to Vienna, and thereafter to Stockholm and to the United States. In 1942 in New York he formed the imprint of L.B. Fischer, together with Fritz Landshoff.[1]

Literary worksEdit

  • Wanderer durch ein Jahrhundert. Fischer (Tb.), Frankfurt 1994, ISBN 3-596-12176-0
  • Bedroht, bewahrt. Fischer (S.), Frankfurt 1981, ISBN 3-10-021601-6
  • Briefwechsel mit Autoren. Fischer (S.), Frankfurt 2001, ISBN 3-10-021602-4
  • Lebendige Gegenwart. ²1987, ISBN 3-7172-0348-7
  • Briefwechsel. [with Carl Zuckmayer], Wallstein 2004, ISBN 3-89244-627-X
  • Briefwechsel 1932 - 1955. [with Thomas Mann], Fischer (Tb.), Frankfurt 1975, ISBN 3-596-21566-8
  • Die neue Rundschau vom 6. Juni 1945. Faksimileausgabe, S. Fischer, Frankfurt 2001, ISBN 3-10-048184-4 (Hg.)


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