First Newcastle ministry

From 1754 to 1756 the Duke of Newcastle headed the government of Great Britain. After the death of the previous Prime Minister, his brother Henry Pelham, Newcastle had formed a fresh administration. He remained in power until 1756, when his government collapsed following the fall of Minorca and the fierce criticism that he had come under for his handling of the war that was engulfing Europe. Among the most influential members of the Ministry was Henry Fox, who served as Leader of the House of Commons from November 1755, having firstly entered the Cabinet in his earlier position of Secretary at War in December 1754.

Newcastle later returned to head a second government in 1757 in an alliance with William Pitt the Elder.

The MinistryEdit

It is unclear who was member of the Cabinet.

Office Name Term
First Lord of the Treasury[1] The Duke of Newcastle 1754–1756
Leader of the House of Lords
Chancellor of the Exchequer[2] Sir William Lee 1754
Henry Bilson Legge 1754–1755
Sir George Lyttelton, Bt. 1755–1756
Second Lord of the Treasury The Earl of Darlington 1754–1755
Sir George Lyttelton, Bt. 1755–1756
Lord Chancellor[3] The Lord Hardwicke, later The Earl of Hardwicke 1754–1756
Lord President of the Council[4] The Earl Granville 1754–1756
Lord Privy Seal[5] The Earl Gower 1754(−1755)
The Duke of Marlborough 1755
The Earl Gower 1755–1756
Secretary of State for the Southern Department[6]
Leader of the House of Commons
Thomas Robinson 1754–1755
Henry Fox 1755–1756
Secretary of State for the Northern Department[6] The Earl of Holdernesse 1754–1756
Master-General of the Ordnance[7] Vacant 1754–1755
The Duke of Marlborough 1755–1756
First Lord of the Admiralty[8] The Lord Anson 1754–1756
Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland[9] The Duke of Argyll 1754–1756
Lord Chamberlain of the Household[10] The Duke of Grafton 1754–1756
Lord Steward of the Household The Duke of Marlborough 1754–1755
The Duke of Rutland 1755–1756
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster The Lord Edgcumbe 1754–1756
Lord Lieutenant of Ireland The Duke of Dorset 1754–1755
The Duke of Devonshire 1755–1756
Master of the Horse[11] Marquess of Hartington 1754–1755
The Duke of Dorset 1755–1756
Paymaster of the Forces William Pitt the Elder 1754–1755
jointly: 1755–1756

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