The Fellowship (Canada)

The Fellowship (Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada) is a conservative Baptist association in Canada. It is affiliated with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. The national headquarters are located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. In 2011 Rev. Steven Jones was appointed as President.

Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada
AssociationsEvangelical Fellowship of Canada
HeadquartersGuelph, Ontario, Canada


In 1928, the Union of Regular Baptist Churches of Ontario and Quebec (led by Thomas Todhunter Shields) broke away from the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec, while the Fellowship of Independent Baptist Churches was formed in 1933. These two merged in 1953 to form the FEBCC.[1][2] The Regular Baptist Missionary Fellowship of Alberta joined in 1963, while the Convention of Regular Baptist Churches of British Columbia (founded 1927) joined in 1965.

In 1995, the Fellowship included over 503 churches with a total membership of over 66,612.[3]

In 2001, the denomination had 71,073 members.[4]


The denomination has a Baptist confession of faith.[5]


It is composed of 5 regional fellowships; Fellowship Pacific, Fellowship Prairies, FEB Central, AÉBÉQ and Fellowship Atlantic. [6]

Mission workEdit

The Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches is engaged in missions to Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Japan, Latin America, the Middle East, Pakistan and South America, and offers ministry resources to assist these churches.


The FEBCC, has strong affiliation with key institutions.[7] Heritage College & Seminary in Cambridge, Ontario, is the main training ground for church leaders across Canada. Northwest Baptist Seminary in Langley, BC, is a partner in Western Canada, SEMBEQ in Quebec.


The official magazine of the FEBCC, The Evangelical Baptist, is published five times per year.

Convention centreEdit

The Muskoka Bible Centre is affiliated with the FEBCC.

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